Anonymous ASKED:
Were is part 3 to 'home'?!?! I love this fic so much! Could you please finish it??

Anonymous ASKED:
(will there be more of 'lie low'? ) i really liked that chapter :)

i don’t think so actually! sorry about that

Anonymous ASKED:
helllo, sorry to be annoying but are you going to finish "home"? its just i started reading it and its really cute and so good and i didnt realism it wasnt finished and i just really want to know :3 sorry too bother you and dont feel pressured to finish it it just really good! xx thank you so much your writing is amazing xxxxx

hey darling dw you could never be annoying! the thing is tho i did finish home :D its actually the only chaptered fic ive ever finished (sad amiright) and you can find the whole thing here!!

also thank you for the compliments about home!! ily <3

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Please write more of 'a phase'!!

maybe after marching season is done

Anonymous ASKED:
I just wanted to say I have been reading pretty much all of your fictional works in the past few days and I love them to death! You are an emotionally charged, beautiful writer, and I love your blog! Also, I love Phil waving down there in the corner, because after reading a triggering story, I can look down there and see his cute face waving at me, almost like saying "it'll be ok, it was just fiction, hi, you're amazing." I know it sounds cheesy, but I just had to say it. Stay lovely, hun <3

oh my goodness this is so nice!!! thank you so much cupcake this is such a kind message im crying . im glad the phil gif makes u feel better if you ever need to be cheered up after a sad fic remember i am here too !! ily anon <3

of course im not saying you should nominate ‘lets have a chat’ for best fluff on the phanfic awards but ………

Anonymous ASKED:
Hi Gray! Are you going to write more to Phase?

hey darling!! mpphh i would really like to write more of that because i am very interested in genderqueer fics and i would like to write more myself so in short the answer is YES but i am not sure if it will be soon. i am starting high school in 2 days (!!!) which i think might be overwhelming at first but after i get used to it i will try to continue some of the chaptered fics i wrote this summer (ie a phase, lie low) and write some more stuff for you guys but i am a bit tied up right now.

also ive been hanging out a lot more with friends and my boyfriend so theres that too ^_^ i apologize that fic updates probably wont be regular for while but sometimes i do need to put myself first :]

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The one about Dan being a vampire and Phil being a neko is Home by Writingphanfiction, I believe.


Thanks! (xx)


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Let’s play a game!


Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.

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prompt - PLEASE GOD PLEASE leave your lover by sam smith , dan's pov?? please a post!breakup fic?!?!

hmm i was reading the lyrics to this song and i don’t know how to interpret them- i would do this as a songfic to get my writing going but do you mean like… post breakup between dan and phil, phil gets a boyfriend/lover and dan is feeling how it describes in the song?